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Dual Enrollment refers to an arrangement in which students are enrolled in courses that count for both high school and college credit.

The goal of dual enrollment is to ensure academic rigor that keeps students challenged throughout their high school career.

Dual Enrollment Courses     Career-Tech Dual Enrollment
English IV/English 1010     Nursing
English IV/English 009     Business Computer Application
English III/English 1010     Introduction to Business Computer Application
Algebra II/Math 0094     Accounting


 Qualifications for College Level Degree Credit     Qualifications for CTE & Developmental Credit 

Classified as Juniors or Seniors

     Classified as Juniors or Seniors
 ACT/PLAN Scores:     

 ACT/PLAN Scores:

 -Composite: 18+      -Composite: 15+
 -English: 18+     

 -English: 15+

 -Math: 19+      -Math: 15+
 On track for TOPS      2.0 GPA


  • Prepares students for academic rigor of college
  • Lowers the cost of postsecondary education for students by enabling them to earn free college credits and shorten their time for degree completion
  • Students receive Carnegie credit for high school and college credit


  • A state articulation agreement exists that ensures that credits earned are transferable to any state university in Louisiana
  • Students receive credit as though they successfully completed the course at the community college
  • Instructors are credentialed to teach the content offered

Application Process

  • Students complete the RPCC application
  • AHS administration and school counselors verify PLAN/ACT scores for all students
  • Applications are submitted
  • RPCC reviews all applications
  • Entrance into the RPCC course is accepted or denied based on application
  • Students will be notified of DE acceptance

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