Saturday, August 19th, 2017

Gifted and Talented

Facilitator: Stephanie Cutright (Miz Cut)



Roughly 50 students are involved in the GT program at AHS. Students are selected through a testing process. Available GT classes at Assumption High School include Talented Art, Independent Investigations I - IV, and Fine Arts - Gifted.


What does it take?

  • Gifted is an accelerated program for students with an IQ at or above 130.
  • Talented is for students who excel in the arts (visual art, theatre, music, etc.) 


What do they do? 

  •  participate in outside-of-school writing & artwork contests
  •  coordinate with other clubs & organizations to improve learning experience 
  •  meet new people and form bonds

Within the classroom, Mrs. Cutright tries her best to challenge them with less traditional assignments and teaching methods, such as constructing multimedia presentations, contributing to round-table discussions, and extending knowlege by branching off of things taught in other classes.


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