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All meetings are held the first and third Wednesday of every month at 7 p.m. in the Assumption Parish School Board Media Center @ 4901 Highway 308 Napoleonville unless otherwise noted.
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April 27, 2016
Wednesday, April 27th, 2016


Pierre Part Middle School

Pierre Part, Louisiana

April 27, 2016



The Assumption Parish School Board met in Regular Session on Wednesday, April 27, 2016, at 6:00 p.m. at Pierre Part Middle School, Pierre Part, LA with President, Doris Dugas, presiding.


PRESENT:   Honoray Lewis, Ward 1, Lee Meyer, Ward 2, Andrea Barras, Ward 3, Daniel Washington, Ward 6, John Beck, Ward 7, Jessica Ourso, Ward 8, Doris Dugas, Ward 9


ABSENT: Electa Fletcher Mickens, Ward 4, Larry Howell, Ward 5,


The meeting was opened in prayer by Daniel Washington, Executive Committee Member followed by the Pledge led by Honoray Lewis, Vice-President. 


Adoption of Agenda

On motion of Ms. Ourso, seconded by Mr. Washington and unanimously carried the Board adopted the agenda as amended.


Consent Agenda

a) Approve minutes of  April 6, 2016 board meeting

b) Approve addendum items


On motion of Mr. Beck, seconded by Mr. Lewis unanimously carried the Board adopted the consent agenda.


Reports and Recognition

a)   Ms. Wanda Templet, Principal of Pierre Part Middle was recognized and honored as 2017 Principal of the Year Semi-finalist.

Facilities and Grounds

a) On motion of Mr. Barras, seconded by Mr. Lewis and unanimously carried the Board approved the Certificate of Substantial Completion for the AHS boys locker room.



a) The Board received the March 2016 Sales Tax Report.  Total returns processed are 1427; 891 monthly, 38 quarterly, 485 irregular, and 13 semi-annuals.  Total number of online filers are 987.  Total receipts of the March, 2016 collections are $704,067.09; a -30% decrease of ($303,205.07).  The school board received $352,032.17;-30% decrease of ($151,602.82).  The 92 Bond Issue Fund received $70,407.19, a -30% decrease of ($30,320.48).  The delinquent rate for the month of March, 2016 is 8%.  Industries experiencing a decrease are Automotive, Contractor, Service, Manufacturer, and Unclassified.  Audit revenues for the month March, 2016 are $4,214.34 comparable to $167,043.96 for March, 2015.  Auto sales for the month of March 2016 are $181,785.43 comparable to $214,253.78 for March 2015.

b) The Board received the 3rd quarter update from Anya Randle, Business Services Director.

c) A motion was made by Ms. Ourso, seconded by Ms. Barras to donate $50.00 per student to help with the cost for Pierre Part Middle School Junior Beta Club to attend the National Competition in New Orleans, LA.  Mr. Meyer made an alternate motion to round out the donation to $2500.00.  This motion was seconded by Ms. Ourso and unanimously carried.  On motion of Ms. Ourso, seconded by Ms. Barras and unanimously carried the board approved too donate $2500.00 to Pierre Part Middle School Junior Beta Club. 

d) A motion was made by Mr. Beck to table the following agenda item to May 4th:  Award the bids of the following bidders for food (including mild & bread), paper goods, cleaning supplies/chemicals and small equipment for the period of July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017.  Motion was seconded by Mr. Washington and unanimously carried. 




By unanimous consent the Board adjourned at 6:30 p.m.

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